Ants are social insects that live and organize themselves in colonies in a nest. The queen ensures the survival of the colony because she is the only one to lay eggs. Depending on the species and colony size, there may be more than one queen and more than one nest within a colony. At the adult stage, ants are divided into different castes: reproductives (winged females and males), workers, queens. Their appearance varies depending on the group to which they belong. The workers are the most numerous and the most visible because some of them are looking for food to feed the rest of the colony. Most of our ant interventions begin with an inspection because situations vary greatly from one property to another. The objectives of the inspection are to identify the species of ant, determine the probability that there is an ant nest inside the structure, identify situations favorable to the development of ants and finally, make a proposal for treatments.

Although there are approximately a hundred species of ants in the Province of Quebec, the most invasive ants in the Montreal area requiring extermination are the following:

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