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Pest management is considered an essential and priority service by the government of Quebec.

The professional Pest Management industry protects public health, food and goods by preventing and eliminating pests.

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Ant extermination

Ant extermination Although there are about a hundred species of ants in the province of Quebec, the most invasive ants in the Montreal area requiring extermination are as follow:

Ants are social insects that live and organize themselves as a colony within a nest. The queen ensures the perennity of the colony because she is the only one to lay eggs. Depending on the species and size of the colony, there can be more than one queen and more than one nest belonging to the colony. At the adult stage, ants are divided into different castes: reproductives (fertile winged males and females), queens (wingless and fertilized), and workers (sterile wingless females). Their appearance varies depending on the caste they belong to. Workers are the most numerous and the most noticeable because they forage in order to feed the rest of the colony. Most of our interventions against ants start with an inspection because the situation varies quite a bit from one property to the next. The inspection's objectives are to identify the species of ant, determine the probability that there is a nest inside the structure, assess your expectations and finally, make proposals for treatment.

Black Carpenter Ant / Camponotus Pennsylvanicus

Ant extermination

Carpenter ants have earned their name by digging into wood to enlarge their nests. This habit of nesting in wood occasionally causes structural damage within buildings. Carpenter ants do not eat the wood they are digging through, they are only working to expand their nest. Because of their digging, it is not uncommon to find sawdust expelled from a tunnel leading to the nest. Carpenter ants are often a big challenge for Pest Management Professionals.

Pavement Ant / Tetramorium Caespitum

Ant extermination

The Pavement Ant is so named for it's preferred nesting grounds, often under pavements or concrete where small bubbles form within the cracks. Pavement Ants occasionally nest within walls, under foundations, in the insulation of buildings and under walls. Other species of ant can nest under pavements and form small and also form small anthills of sand. It is sometimes paramount to the success of treatment to properly identify the species of ant. Although this is not a native species in Quebec, this species of ant has adapted itself very well to our climate.

Cornfield Ant / Lasius

Ant extermination

There are multiple species of lasius ants in Quebec. These ants often nest in lawns, or under stones or pavement and around the foundation. Populations of this species can reach very large numbers and are sometimes very difficult to exterminate.

Black Field Ant / Formica Glacialis

Ant extermination

Ants of this specie are sometimes mistaken for carpenter ants due to their black coloration and relatively large size. This species of ant also nests within the soil of grassy areas, often spotting yard surfaces with small mounds of dirt.

Pharaoh Ant / Monomorium Pharaonis

Ant extermination

Pharaoh ants are among the smallest species of ant in Quebec. They arrived in Quebec many years ago. Pharaoh ants cannot survive winter out in the cold, so most of their nests can be found indoors. Pharaoh ant colonies have multiple nests and multiple queens. Colonies mature and can grow to numbers of several hundred thousand ants. Pharaoh Ant Problems start whenever they are introduced to a building by food items or diverse objects. The extermination of pharaoh ants is accomplished through an intensive baiting program.

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