We have been providing pest control and extermination services in Montreal since 2002.

At ABC, we offer professional services to prevent or resolve insect or rodent problems. Here are the services we offer:

  • Customized pest control programs
  • Insect and rodent control 
  • Pigeon control
  • Protection plans and periodical services
  • Professional and specialized store for products and advices
  • Smoke tests for sewer systems
  • Detailed inspection reports and witness for the court

For ABC, pest management is:

  • Get to the root of problems by applying integrated pest management strategies
  • Commit to meeting customer requirements while protecting health and the environment
  • Make efforts to understand and adapt our solutions
  • Managing expectations and explaining the role and obligations of stakeholders
  • Guarantee our results when the conditions are met
  • Provide you with qualified, certified, responsible and courteous staff

We are a member of the following associations:



Association Québécoise de la Gestion Parasitaire

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