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Pest management is considered an essential and priority service by the government of Quebec.

The professional Pest Management industry protects public health, food and goods by preventing and eliminating pests.

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Pest tips

/Tip no. 1

It is very important to correctly identify the pest to control before any treatment.  Failing to do so could lead to an ineffective treatment.  Try to catch one sample alive if possible and bring it at our shop for identification.

/Tip no. 2

The use of glue traps and monitors are great to catch and identify the species, to locate them, to determine the level of infestation or to decrease their population.  To attract certain species, some traps have an odour or a pheromone, a sexual attractant.  It is important to set the traps in the good sites.  Those places include where the moisture is high, food source, cracks and crevices, underneath the furniture, access to the structure like the plumbing or heaters. 

/Tip no. 3

95% of urban rat problems are caused by dysfunction of the sewer system. It is important to insure the sewer system has no anomalies to really fix the problem. A smoke test or camera test is sometime necessary.

/Tip no. 4

Do you have insect bites? Different species of insects could be responsible such as bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes and bird or rodent mites. Also, other organisms such as lice or scabies can cause itching. In these cases the problem is medical and you should consult a pharmacist or a dermatologist. It is also possible that the insects are not the cause of your problem. Here are some factors that could cause '' bites '': various skin problems such as eczema or allergies, a change of temperature, dust or paper particles that would cling to you by static electricity, cosmetics, perfume, poor maintenance of carpet, plants, contaminants in the air, soap, stress, etc. Having dry skin makes us more sensitive to these factors. It is therefore important, before applying any insecticide to confirm the presence of biting insects. If you have samples you can submit your pictures of insects by using our online insect identification form or pass by our store with your samples. You can also call to book an appointment for an inspection.
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