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Pest Control Services

These tests are occasionally required for detection and localization of sewer system dysfunctions that cause rats, flies or odour issues.   

  • Verification of the drainage and sewer system watertightness
  • Detection and localization of drainage and sewer system dysfunctions

/Odour control
  • Cause identification
  • Floor drain treatment
  • Installation and maintenance of odour control systems

/Expert witness

We can also offer the expertise of a consultant as an expert witness, in court if needed. our founder Mr. Ronald O. Maheu has a long experience in Pest control Management, over 50 years, he is a former President and Honorary member of the A.Q.G.P. (Association Québécoise de la Gestion Parasitaire). He may be contacted at 819-868-3035 or 437 Percy, Magog, Qc J1X 1B5.

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