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Pest management is considered an essential and priority service by the government of Quebec.

The professional Pest Management industry protects public health, food and goods by preventing and eliminating pests.

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Pest Questions

I have a dog and a cat at home. Would there be any chance of affecting there health if I hire your services?

Answer :
If all the precautions are taken before, while and after the treatment, the risks would be negligible. When it is necessary to use insecticides, we favour boric acid, borax or pyrethroids which are vary safe, non-persistent and basically not harmful to mammals and the environnement if properly used. We also use insecticide or rodenticide baits that we carefully put out of reach for the pets and children. Dust or liquid insecticides application requires between 0 and 8 hours delay before going back in the treated areas.

I would like to hire your services for a cockroach problem. What are the chances of success for your treatment?

Answer :
This will depend on the level of infestation, the sanitation and the conditions of the building (water leaks, excessive moisture, clutter, etc.) Our cockroach treatments are among the most effective on the market. Usually, in a badly infested apartment, 90% of the roach population dies within the first 3 days and the other 10% within the next 3 weeks. Completely eradicate a cockroach infestation is very possible as long as we put the efforts required. We do it every day.

I have a mice problem in my chalet. What is the most effective way of getting rid of those unwelcome guests?

Answer :
For an effective and lasting result, especially in a mouse favourable area, you have to affect the three necessary elements for their survival which are shelters, food and water and also mouse proofing the chalet. Installation of traps and rodenticide bait may also be necessary to eliminate the population of mice inside. Avoid piling wood or debris on the ground around the structure and minimise the shrubs or vegetation abutting the chalet.

Watch out for food stored in paper or plastic bags or cardboard boxes, fruits and vegetables on the counter, dirty dishes, pet food, open or loosely covered trash cans, water leaks, compost bins, bird feeders, etc. Prevent intrusion by inspecting the outside envelop of the house and block the holes and cracks bigger than 6 mm (¼ inch) from the foundation to the roof. However, certain openings are important so ask before blocking everything. Look for the exterior lines leading through walls (oil, gas, electricity), doors and windows, screen for ventilation and dryer vents, cap for chimney. The traps should be installed were the mice or their feces have been seen and on their paths. The baits could be secured in bait stations or installed in voids. Mice have small territories so it is important to covert all the areas and follow up.

I have small red bites on my body when I wake up in the morning. Could it be possible that I have any insects in my mattress?

Answer :
Yes.  It could be bed bugs.  You must know how to recognise the signs that are blood spots, black or dark brown fecal stains, the bugs, the nymphs and the small white eggs, their cast exoskeleton skins from molting.  Carefully remove the blankets and the sheets and put them in a large plastic bag.  Inspect all the seams and folds of the mattress, around and inside the box spring, the headboard and the bed frame.  Inspect the furniture around the bed, the baseboards, suitcases, backpacks, shoes, clothing, etc.  If no evidence is discovered, maybe the intrusion is too much new to perceive any signs. 

It could also be flying insects or an allergic reaction.       

If it proves that you have bed bugs, we strongly recommend you to seek professional help.   Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate and do-it-yourself measures almost fail every time.  If you hired us, we would ask you to avoid moving or throwing away your furniture or spray anything.  This would only scatter the bugs and reduce the chance of success of the initial treatment.

We believe we have a wasp or bee nest underneath our patio and we feel it is not safe for the children. How could we get rid of this nest?

Answer :
The first step is to correctly identify the involved specie.  A sticky glue trap could help you to do so.  There are more chances that you have wasps rather than bees.  Some species are solitary and some others are social wasps, meaning that they are organized in colonies controlled by the queen inside the nest.  The wasps could be aggressive if they feel threatened and if we give them the possibility to attack.  It is preferable to locate the nest entrance in day time and apply an insecticide in night time when they are almost all inside the nest.  When the nest is soaked with insecticide and nothing seems to move inside, remove it and put it in the garbage.  If the nest is inside the structure or inaccessible, the job will require more observation and effort to eliminate the colony.  Insecticide dust or other residual insecticide might be necessary.  Sticky glue boards are also useful to reduce the population.  When we are sure that the problem is fixed, the holes should be blocked to prevent further infestations.    

Do you have the poison that dries out the mice so we don’t smell them?

Answer :
No. It doesn’t exist. As soon as a mouse dies, no matter how, the bacteria and the enzymes inside its body are starting the decomposition process. Sometimes some insects will complete the process if the cadaver is accessible. Nothing can prevent the putrefaction of any vegetable or animal organism except freezing or the absence of oxygen. The mouse will slowly dry out and its odour is rarely noticeable because its cadaver is small and often deep in the structure. The myth of drying out is still largely spread.
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