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Pest management is considered an essential and priority service by the government of Quebec.

The professional Pest Management industry protects public health, food and goods by preventing and eliminating pests.

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Bedbug-proof mattress and box spring encasements

Bedbug-proof encasements are a valuable tool in the fight against bedbugs. When integrated with a bedbug control program, they offer the following benefits:
  • Save money by not throwing out mattresses or box springs
  • Quickly eliminate bedbugs in a mattress or in a box spring
  • Reduce the hiding places on mattresses and box springs
  • Easily and rapidly detect the first signs of infestation
  • Protect mattresses from bed bug excrements
  • Protect mattresses from direct contact with insecticide

Protect-a-Bed® bedbug-proof mattress encasements are the best in quality, durability, effectiveness and comfort. The encasements can be integrated to your treatment or picked up at our store.

To order, please have the 3 exact dimensions of your mattresses and box springs.
(length x width x height)

Protect a bed
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